Responsible Travel - About this Company, Tour Types Available, Notable Examples

Responsible Travel

About this Company Summary of what they are known for
This travel company specializes in tours to destinations across the globe. They focus on responsible traveling and offer some charity tour programs and volunteer travel. There are numerous thematic trips, for example, yoga vacations, wildlife, women only, water sports, safaris, vegetarian and vegan, sailing, tours for people over 50, photography journeys, and much more.
Tour Types Available What kind of tours can you expect from this company?
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Train
  • Motorbike / scooter
Notable Examples A small sample of the offerings available
  • British Isles Cruising
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Centre based Walking
  • Wildlife Conservation
Group Size How many people will go on tour with you?
14 and above
Target Audience What kinds of people will be on this tour with you?
Groups, solo travelers
Target Age Group
5 years old and above
Language(s) on Tour What languages will people speak on this tour?
Meals included Which meals are included with your fee?
Some meals are provided
Tips Included Are tips included with your fee?

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